This Calgary Burger Joint Has A 100% Vegan Menu

Yasmine Atallah Yasmine Atallah

This Calgary Burger Joint Has A 100% Vegan Menu

This is the perfect place for all you vegan fast food lovers.

VBurger ambitiously opened its doors in July 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic.  It has been a tough time for all of us, particularly for small businesses just starting out, but VBurger’s delicious and completely vegan food has made their vegan burger a new Calgary staple.

There is nothing more satisfying than a burger, a shake and fries when you get those fast food cravings.  Everyone gets those cravings and VBurger is a fast food joint that is entirely plant-based!  VBurger was created specifically for those who want a vegan burger and other plant-based options at our favourite burger joints.

They want to encourage a change in the world of fast food to create plant-based burger joints with the same expectation of flavourful food.  It seems like they don’t want fast food lovers to trade timeless burger flavours for the principle of plant-based alternatives.  They want to offer them those same timeless flavours in a vegan burger.  And offering a great variety of options, VBurger has no shortage of vegan-friendly fast food classics.

Burgers, “chicken” bites, milkshakes and ice cream.  All. Completely. Vegan.  They even have an “On the Lighter Side” menu option if you’re craving fast food without that heavy fast food feeling.

In honor of Spring’s long-awaited arrival, they are offering a promotion on their Original VBurger ($5) and their Ice Cream Sandwiches ($2).  Plenty of vegan burgers and desserts to go around.  They are available for takeout until Arpil 22nd!

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