Canadians No Longer Allowed Into EU Countries After Removal From Safe Travel List

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Canadians No Longer Allowed Into EU Countries After Removal From Safe Travel List

European travel for Canadians has been restricted by the European Union.

Sorry, fellow Canadians, it looks like travel to many European countries may be out of the question for the moment. The European Union (EU) removed Canada from its list of countries recommended to have non-essential travel restrictions lifted for following one of their bi-weekly meetings last week.

This removal means that the EU currently recommends their 27 member nations to close their borders to Canadians for non-essential travel due to the sharp rise of COVID-19 case numbers in Canada. However, the decision does not take effect immediately and is not binding, so each individual EU member will be able to decide whether they will allow Canadians to enter their country.

The EU’s list of approved countries was set up in the summer and officials meet every two weeks to re-evaluate it. Canada had previously been included on the list along with 13 other countries until last week. The latest changes to the list also include the removal of Tunisia and Georgia and addition of Singapore, meaning the safe travel list now consists of Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Uruguay. The list will continue to be updated as the COVID-19 pandemic situation progresses.

As a result of Canada’s removal from the EU’s travel ‘whitelist’, it is highly advised to check your desired travel destination’s specific travel restrictions if you are planning to visit the EU anytime soon to determine whether Canadians are being allowed to enter.

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