Super Nintendo World Japan – With Real Life Mario Kart – Set To Open Up in February 2021

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Super Nintendo World Japan – With Real Life Mario Kart – Set To Open Up in February 2021

We’re so excited we could burst.

This one has been in the pipeline for years, and the anticipation is killing us! But it looks like Super Nintendo World might finally open next month in Japan! And although we can’t make the trip just yet, we’re so looking forward to it.  [Featured Image: Universal Studios Japan].

And yes, you’ll be able to take on the challenge of real-life Mario Kart. Any rules against dressing up as Koopa Troopa for the occasion?

The heavily-anticipated park is due to open at Universal Studios Japan on February 4. Along with the Mario Kart experience, there’s also Yoshi-themed rides for the fans of everyone’s favourite, cute-as-hell dinosaur.

Visitors can also be equipped with “power-up bands” that keep your scores as you explore the park. These also allow you to collect virtual coins as well as punching enemies and item blocks.

Image: Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is operating at a reduced level due to Covid-19 safety protocols. Those who cannot attend in person are also invited to take a virtual tour!

What will the Mario Kart ride at Super Nintendo World be like?

The Mario Kart ride is expected to feature dual tracks that will see four-person karts ‘race’ against each other, as well as famous Nintendo characters – look out for a final showdown against Bowser which will test your nerves. Augmented reality headsets are expected to bring the indoor ride to life, while the route will take riders through a series of classic Mario Kart worlds, from Wario’s Castle to Jungle Parkway.

It’s not just about the rides here, because there’s plenty else to get stuck into! The Super Nintendo Worlds are intended as a fully immersive journey through some of the world’s most beloved video games, which will boast shops, restaurants, and interactive gameplay in addition to the rides.

More information can be found at the Universal Studios website.