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Snow Has Completely Covered Alberta’s National Parks And It Looks Magical

By Gabriel Nunes

Winter has arrived at our province’s doorstep early, and it seems to have just let itself in! 

Alberta has been getting completely blasted by snowy weather this week, putting a swift end to our unusually warm autumn. As a result, we now have to bring out our thicker jackets and maybe even put on the winter tires, but there’s a plus-side to the chilly season: gorgeous winter scenery at our national parks

Our beautiful national parks are now being totally covered by a white, fluffy blanket of fresh snowflakes, and it’s an aesthetically-pleasing sight to behold. It doesn’t matter how many times we see them… Alberta’s gorgeous winter backdrops captivate us every time! 

Here are some snowy shots of this winter wonderland that were posted today:


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Climbing mountains in Banff 🏔

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Mount Windy Castle, from the shore of Kerkeslin Lake

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Lake Louise

Waterton Lakes National Park

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Winter is coming ❄

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