8 Places With The Best Smash Cakes In YYC

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8 Places With The Best Smash Cakes In YYC

What’s better than a delicious cake? A cake you can smash, of course.

Catharsis and dessert have found their sweet spot with smash cakes, and they are taking YYC by storm.  Say goodbye to blowing out your candles and spreading those germs around.  There is nothing like taking out your frustration on a beautiful piñata cake with a fun surprise inside.  And they make for fun original gifts!

Here are some of the best places in YYC to find smash cakes:

1. Smashable Cakes YYC

The name says it all.  This place offers a wide selection of designs for any and every occasion!

Check them out here!

2. Gem Boutique

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then these cakes are the way to every woman’s heart!  Every Gem Smash cake contains 12 sparkling Gem-Truffles.  The box also comes with a bedazzled sparkling hammer and diamond chocolates!

Find them here!

3. MJbakes

MJ Bakes make smash cakes filled with candy and chocolate, and they are famous for their delicious chocolate bombs.  How about a chocolate bomb with a side of smash cake? Who says you can’t have it all!

Find them here!

4. CocoYYC

For those with a penchant for chic food designs, they make beautiful marble cakes and they are doing a Mother’s Day giveaway.

Find them here!

5. Mel Mac Creations

Not only are these smash cakes creative and artistic, they also come with 6 chocolate-covered oreos in the same design as the cake!

Check them out here!

6. Sweet Smash YYC

This place offers to fill your smash cake with liquor bottles.  They also make custom designs, like Harry Potter themed hot chocolate bombs!

Find them here!

7. Jo’s Sweet Shop

This place creates smash cakes in so many shapes.  Puppies, teddy bears, dinosaurs, llamas, cupcakes and of course the classic heart shape!

Check them out here!

8. Smash Hearts

This place, also known as @breakingheartsyyc, offers cakes that all come in the classic heart shape.  And they all have a sweet surprise inside, including a hidden crystal!

Find them here!

All these great places offer so many creative designs, just in time for a Mother’s Day gift!

[Featured Image Source: MJ Bakes via Instagram]



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