A Terrifying Halloween Car Wash Pop-Up Is Coming To Calgary

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A Terrifying Halloween Car Wash Pop-Up Is Coming To Calgary

If car washes didn’t creep you out before… they may now.

There’s an eerie new drive-thru pop-up experience rolling into a Calgary car wash this Halloween. The first annual Scare Wash will transform the 10th & 10th Car Wash into a three-day freaky immersive horror show that promises to scare the living daylight out of any brave enough to enter.

There’s something about being trapped in a vehicle while completely surrounded that makes car washes in general kind of a scary experience… but B!G ART, a self-proclaimed collection of misfits, weirdos and immersive artists, wants to heighten those fears.

Taking place from October 29 to October 31, this in-vehicle experience will have live actors, special effects, intelligent lights, an FM-transmitted soundtrack, and more. It will only last 10 minutes, but may leave you pleading to escape earlier.

Not only will you drive into this immersive world, but your car will actually get washed! Plus, as you will not need to leave your vehicle at all, this event is considered COVID-19 friendly.

This experience is not recommended for children or anyone under the ages of 12 years old. The organizers ask that those 14-18 be accompanied by an adult. Also, $1 from every ticket sold to this experience will be donated to the Calgary Food Bank and they will be accepting non-perishable food item donations onsite.

Do you dare to face the terror from the “safety” of your vehicle? Let’s just hope we don’t develop a phobia of car washes after this.

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