27 Ridiculously Huge Landmarks You Can Find In Canada

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27 Ridiculously Huge Landmarks You Can Find In Canada

Canada is a massive country with proportionately large landmarks to see and discover.

You know how the saying goes: “bigger is better” — if that’s the case, Canada as a landmass measures up fairly well in that regard. With a total area (including its waters) of approximately 9.985 million square kilometres, Canada is the second-largest country in the world, only surpassed by Russia. 

Geographical features aside, it’s fitting that Canada is home to quite a few sizeable landmarks within its borders. In fact, there’s so many that there’s even a dedicated website (bigthings.ca) to track and celebrate all of the giant, zany roadside attractions in the country.

Some of Canada’s ‘big things’ are so enormous and peculiar that it begs the questions of how on earth they got there and why. We may never know the answers to those questions for all of them, but here’s an amusing list of several of Canada’s humongous landmarks to pique your curiosity.

1. World’s Largest Dinosaur

Location: Drumheller, Alberta

Her name is Tyra, and the view from inside her mouth is pretty epic.

2. World’s Largest Hockey Stick

Location: Duncan, British Columbia

Canada’s biggest sport deserves big-time recognition.

3. World’s Largest Giant Beaver

Location: Beaverlodge, Alberta

This beaver looks like it doesn’t give a dam.

4. World’s Largest Axe

Location: Nackawic, New Brunswick

This axe is symbolic of the area’s important role in Canada’s lumber industry.

5. World’s Largest Coin 

Location: Sudbury, Ontario

That’s a mighty Big Nickel.

6. World’s Largest Lobster

Location: Shediac, New Brunswick

It pays tribute to the town’s lobster fishing industry!

7. World’s Largest Curling Rock

Location: Arborg, Manitoba

This 3000-pound statue commemorates past provincial curling champions.

8. World’s Largest Bee

Location: Falher, Alberta

This buzzing community is known as the “Honey Capital of Canada.”

9. World’s Largest Painting On An Easel

Location: Altona, Manitoba

Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ artwork is on display to celebrate this town’s reputation as the “Sunflower Capital of Canada.”

10. World’s Largest Perogy

Location: Glendon, Alberta

Yum! It’s just missing sour cream.

11. World’s Largest Canada Goose

Location: Wawa, Ontario

Of course there’d be a giant statue of this iconically Canadian creature. 

12. World’s Largest Paper Clip

Location: Kipling, Saskatchewan

This statue represents the story of how “an unlikely sequence of online trades” started with a red paperclip.

13. The World’s Largest Apple Shaped Structure

Location: Colborne, Ontario

Hopefully no one accidentally ends up at this Big Apple instead of New York City.

14. Montreal’s Giant Orange

Location: Montreal, Quebec

This structure is the building of a fast-food restaurant called Gibeau Orange Julep.

15. World’s Largest Freestanding Banana 

Location: Melita, Manitoba

Trend alert: fruits! This statue is located in Manitoba’s “Banana Belt” — but no bananas are actually grown there.

16. World’s Largest Moose 

Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Mac the Moose reclaimed the title of tallest moose from Norway’s Storelgen after getting a new set of antlers installed.

17. World’s Tallest Totem Pole

Location: Alert Bay, B.C.

Alert Bay’s totem pole currently holds the highly disputed title of tallest in the world.

18. World’s Largest Pysanka Egg

Location: Vegreville, Alberta

An eggs-tra large Easter egg!

19. World’s Largest Fiddle 

Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia

This Big Fiddle pays homage to the folk music and traditions of Nova Scotia’s Celtic community.

20. Digital Orca 

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

What a marvellous backdrop for this landmark.

21. World’s Largest Mosquito Statue

Location: Komarno, Manitoba

Komarno is the self-proclaimed “Mosquito Capital of Canada.” The town’s name even means “mosquito-infested” in Ukrainian.

22. World’s Largest Squid Statue

Location: Glove’s Harbour, Newfoundland

Unleash the Kraken!

23. World’s Tallest Teepee

Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta

It also lights up at night!

24. Port Carling’s Giant Photo Mosaic Mural

Location: Port Carling, Ontario

This large mosaic is comprised of over 9000 unique photos.

25. World’s Largest Dragonfly Statue

Location: Wabamun, Alberta

This little bugger ain’t so little.

26. World’s First UFO Landing Pad

Location: St. Paul, Alberta

Maybe that’s how we’ve accumulated so many big things in Canada — aliens must’ve come to help us!

27. World’s Largest Potato Sculpture

Location: O’Leary, Prince Edward Island

Yes, a literal statue of a potato is fittingly located in front of the Canadian Potato Museum.

These are definitely not all of the supersized landmarks that exist in Canada, but I think you get the idea: the country has an endless amount of them. You’d be hard-pressed to see them all, but you’d also be hard-pressed to miss them.

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