Bank Of Canada To Release The Country’s First Vertical $5 Bill

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Bank Of Canada To Release The Country’s First Vertical $5 Bill

Canada’s five-dollar note is getting a makeover and a 90° flip!

Many of Canada’s coins and notes are getting updated versions, and it seems the ubiquitous $5 bill is next in line. The Bank of Canada is currently creating a new $5 note with a different design and famous face featured — but exactly who will be selected to be on it is still to be determined. As of yesterday’s announcement, it has been revealed that 600+ nominees suggested by nearly 45,000 Canadians through public consultation have been narrowed down to a shortlist of 8 notable candidates by an independent advisory council.

As a result, the new note, which will be the first vertical $5 bill in Canada, could include a portrait of one of the following renowned individuals:


  • Pitseolak Ashoona
  • Robertine Barry (“Françoise”)
  • Binaaswi (Francis Pegahmagabow)
  • Won Alexander Cumyow
  • Terry Fox
  • Lotta Hitschmanova
  • Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot)
  • Onondeyoh (Frederick Ogilvie Loft)

The Finance Minister’s office is now responsible for deciding which of these candidates will be featured. The decision is expected to be announced early next year, with the new notes released into circulation shortly afterwards.

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