All Flights From The UK To Canada Are Halted To Prevent Spread Of A New Coronavirus Strain

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All Flights From The UK To Canada Are Halted To Prevent Spread Of A New Coronavirus Strain

Just when we thought things were getting better…

Hold on, everyone. Despite COVID-19 vaccines being rolled out throughout Canada, we aren’t in the clear from the virus yet. According to the latest discovery, a new, faster-spreading strain of coronavirus has been identified in southeast England. Evidence analyzed by Public Health England suggests the new coronavirus variant first emerged in September 2020 and circulated in low numbers until around mid-November.

In response to this alarming news, several European countries such as France and Germany have already issued preventative travel bans on the United Kingdom, and Canada has decided to follow suit. As of December 21, 2020, the Government of Canada has halted all flights from the United Kingdom for at least 72 hours. This means that any commercial, private, or charter flight bringing passengers from the U.K. will not be suspended and not allowed to enter the country.

These preventative measures are being quickly implemented to effectively minimize the spread of the possibly-more-contagious coronavirus variant. Although it has mutated from the original COVID-19 virus, experts predict that the new strain should still respond to the vaccines being distributed and administered worldwide.

According to Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair, these travel restrictions between Canada and the U.K. may be extended or enhanced after the 72 hours pass.

It seems we still have a way to go before things truly return to normal.

Want to see the latest COVID-19 updates and travel advisories? Check out canada.ca/coronavirus.

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