10 Of The Best Ice Cream Shops In Calgary

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Summer heat is officially rolling in and there is no better way to cool down than with a delicious scoop of ice cream.

Here is a list of 10 of the best ice cream shops in Calgary:

1. Made by Marcus

What:With a degree in food science and nutrition from UBC, Marcus himself started this shop to make macarons.  When he first added ice cream to the menu, customers loved it and the rest is history!  Their June specials include a Lambrusco Sangria Sorbet and Ricardo’s Piña Colada.

Where: 1013 17th Ave SW #121, and 19 St NW West Hillhurst, and 1105 1st Ave NE Bridgeland

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2. Uzu Taiyaki

What: Their specialty is taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped waffle cake. They coat the inside with red bean or chocolate and fill it with soft serve.

When: 110 2nd Ave SE #1

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3. Righteous Gelato

What: This place serves locally-made small batch gluten-free gelato and plant-based gelato. They also make sorbettos, which are dairy free and vegan friendly. Their specialty flavours include Cherry Hibiscus Kombucha (sorbetto) and Dairy-free Peanut Butter and Jam (plant-based gelato).

Where: You can find them at your local grocery store or 7-eleven. You can also pick up your order curb-side at this Gelato Factory and Coffee Bar here: 221 19th Street SE.

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4. La Diperie

What: This Montreal-based chain bring their classic soft serve in a bowl to the ice cream shops scene in Calgary. Their menu includes the Kid at Heart, which is just a large bowl of ice cream covered with Belgian chocolate dip and rainbow sprinkles. They also have a new Lucky Charms topping!

Where: 519 500 Country Hills Blvd NE

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5. Village Ice Cream

What: This shop was founded by Billy Friley, whose grandmother Gladys inspired the rich, locally-made ice cream concept.  They classic flavours as well as seasonal and non-dairy options, including Coffee Crisp and Vegan Strawberry.

Where: 431 10th Avenue SE (Victoria Park), and 820 49th Ave SW (Britannia Plaza), 2406 34th Ave SW (Garrison Corner), and 69 7A St NE (Bridgeland)

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6. Lukes Drug Mart

What: Calgary’s oldest independent family-owned pharmacy also sells soft-serve ice cream and vinyl records! On top of that, they also opened a café in Calgary’s Central Library and a coffee kiosk in the library building. You can also book an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccine at either of their locations.  Talk about a one-stop shop!

Where: 112 4th St NE (Bridgeland), and 3407 26th Ave SW (Killaryney)

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7. Marble Slab Creamery

What: This company started in Texas in 1983, opened its first Canadian branch in Calgary in 2003 and has now made a name for itself all across Canada. Their frozen slab ice cream comes in many flavours and can be made with “Mixins” mixed into it, such as gummy bears, pineapple and more classic choices like marshmallows and cookie dough. They also have vegan options!

Where: 13 locations, including the Chinook Centre, Aspen Landing and Coventry Hills.

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8. XO Ice Cream & Waffles

What: As described by owners Darren and Melanie, it’s the “modern-day interpretation of the mom-and-pop shop”. In other words, they founded it to be a place of nostalgic childhood memories for generations to come.  Their spring specials include Blood Orange Creamsicles and Cookies & Jam (one of their vegan options).

Where: 808 100 Auburn Meadows Drive SE

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9. Canelo’s

What: This shop makes Mexican-inspired ice cream and desserts.  Their specialties include their signature ice cream tacos (in a waffle tortilla!) and their waffle chip nachos topped with ice cream.  We’ll have one of each, please!

Where: 3007 26th Ave SW

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10. Sweet Tooth Ice Cream

What: This shop makes gourmet artisan rolled ice cream. Their specialty flavours include Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Forest.  This month’s featured flavour is Summer Marmalade, made with a lemon honey reduction, organic mango chunks and a slide of NY cheesecake, drizzled with mango sauce. It’s topped with whipped cream, lemon biscottis and a slice of lemon. They also have dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free options!

Where: 206 Center St S (Chinatown)

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[Featured Image Source: Benjamin Hazael Rojas via Unsplash]

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