Canada Now Has Its First-Ever Colourful Loonie In Circulation

Gabriel Nunes Gabriel Nunes

Canada Now Has Its First-Ever Colourful Loonie In Circulation

These special-edition $1 coins commemorate Canada’s involvement with the United Nations.

It’s the United Nation’s 75th anniversary, so to commemorate Canada’s role as a founding member and the country’s commitment to peacekeeping and peacebuilding, the Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the first-ever colourful loonies!

The coin’s radiant new design sports a vibrant red maple leaf and the UN’s signature olive branches in blue, which really pop out from the gold-coloured background.

The UN was created in 1945 following World War II when 50 nations, including Canada, signed the UN Charter with the aim of preventing future wars. Canada has since continued to pursue international cooperation alongside the United Nations, so these special $1 coins represent the country’s efforts in that endeavour.

Two million of these coloured commemorative loonies have already started being circulated in Canada. Will you be lucky enough to get your hands on one? We know we sure want one!

[Featured Image Source: @canadianmint]

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