There’s Now An Online Calculator That Tells You When You Might Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

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There’s Now An Online Calculator That Tells You When You Might Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

This online tool estimates when you might get vaccinated from COVID-19.

Are you wondering when it’ll be your turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Well, you’re in luck — there’s now a way for Canadians to estimate where they are in the queue! All you have to do is access the Vaccine Queue Calculator for Canada available via Omni Calculator and respond to a few simple questions about yourself regarding various demographic details such as your age, if you work in healthcare, if you are pregnant, or if you are an essential worker, and voila, you have a personalized vaccination forecast!

Created in collaboration by Steven Wooding, a U.K. physicist, and Jasmine J Mah, a University of Guelph graduate, the online calculator will categorize you into a corresponding group based on your profile, allowing you to get a sense of approximately how many people are ahead of you in line for the COVID-19 vaccine and giving you an estimated date range of when you might be vaccinated.

Omni Calculator

To develop the calculator’s projections, the creators referenced the Government of Canada’s general prioritization guidance, rollout timeline estimations, and population and employment data from Statistics Canada.

Although the vaccines are already available and being distributed nationwide, there’s still expected to be a bit of a wait before the entire Canadian population gets their double dose vaccination due to logistics. The vaccine will first go to the country’s most vulnerable priority groups: older people, those working on the frontlines of healthcare or in seniors homes, and adults in remote Indigenous communities.

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