Hempfest Canada’s 4/20 Cannabis Growing Summit Is Back

Yasmine Atallah Yasmine Atallah

Hempfest Canada’s 4/20 Cannabis Growing Summit Is Back

As the cannabis market continues to grow, events to celebrate 4/20 in Canada are coming up. A big one is the Growing Summit, a virtual event organized by Hempfest Canada.

The Growing Summit is an online event that will take place on April 26, 27 and 28 2021.  Managed by Hempfest Canada and HFC Productions Inc., the Summit will feature speakers and exhibitors who are cannabis growers.


The concept of the Summit is centred around Canadian growers and experts sharing their knowledge with attendees from all over the country.  Since the pandemic struck, Hempfest Canada hosted the first ever virtual Growing Summit in 2020.  In the same timeframe, Canada has seen a rapid growth in cannabis dispensaries all over the country.  The local markets are growing just like the national market because of the legalization of marijuana in 2018.


The Canadian cannabis industry is a global leader in its field and this event has several talks on cannabis cultivation.  The topics include “Batch Testing & Lab Requirements” and “Starting a Micro”. The conference includes a realtime interactive Q&A session, chat rooms with Summit experts and a virtual networking kick-off night.

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