Bath & Body Works Is Finally Bringing An Online Store To Canada

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Bath & Body Works Is Finally Bringing An Online Store To Canada

You can soon shop Bath & Body Works from the safety and comfort of home.

You would think by now Bath & Body Works would already have an online store operating in Canada, but nope — turns out the giant retailer famous for its fresh fragrances, candles, and soothing skincare products is finally going to create a Canadian version of its online store. The company unveiled the news of its latest e-commerce plans on social media by sharing a photo of its new year resolutions.

Currently, Canadians have to use the U.S. website to purchase Bath & Body Works products online. This results in Canadians paying a bit extra (which clearly isn’t ideal for local shoppers) or having to go in-person to a physical store (something we are being urged not to do right now if it isn’t essential). 

There is still no word on the exact launch date, but news of a dedicated online store for Canada is sure to be well received by those who frequent Bath & Body Works. Once it’s up and running, it will be easier than ever to shop for lotions, soaps, candles, and more.

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