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Alberta’s Largest Snow Tube Park Is Opening Mid-December At Mount Norquay

By Gabriel Nunes

Wintertime is about to get totally tubular.

The best part of the chilly season is it gives us the opportunity to participate in tons of fun winter sports activities! One such activity takes place each year at Banff’s renowned Mount Norquay: snow tubing at Norquay Tube Park! Considered one of Alberta’s best tube parks and the only one located in Banff, the popular Norquay Tube Park is opening for the season in the middle of December (exact date to be announced) to provide visitors ages 4+ with a fun-filled winter activity.

Ready for a thrilling downhill ride on your inflatable snow tube? Tickets are already on sale and must be purchased ahead of time. Once there, you’ll be able to slide and glide your way across 8 lanes of gleaming white snow surrounded by nothing but fresh air and incredible mountain views. Norquay Tube Park is located just 5 minutes from downtown Banff.

There will also be a small play area for kids and a magic carpet towing system to pull you back to the top of the hill after each ride so you don’t have to worry about walking back to the top every time and can focus on racing your family members or friends down the slopes for some high-speed fun.

[Featured Image Source: Instagram / Mount Norquay]